exported audio out of sync ??

I've taken .wav files recorded in a studio, inserted into ableton and overdubbed tracks. No problem there.  Exported the overdubbed trks from ableton and taken back to studio.

Cannot seem to line up the overdubbed trks in the studio without extensive editing. When lining up the top the timing seems to fluctuate as the track plays. Engineer seems to think the clocks are not in sync.

I mistakenly recorded in 16bit/48000 and rendered in 24/44100.Would that be the problem ?  Also what is "warp" setting ? Does that have something to do with the timing issue ?  In my record preferences I've now got "Loop/Warp short samples " changed  to auto;  "Auto-Warp Long samples "  off.  "Default Warp Mode " changed to  Beats.

Please help !!  All I want to do is record music and this issue has put a huge roadblock in the process.

Many thanks !!


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Leng 4 years ago | 0 comments

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