export text from LIVE?

is there a way to extract the stuff you've typed into live? Notes, info text, the names of markers, etc?


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  • vitaminB
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    If you're prepared to do a bit of interpretation, then it is possible to get at all the text in a set.

    A Live set (.als file) is just a structured text file in XML. You can open it with a plain text editor like Text Wrangler, or an XML editor.

    Open A COPY of the als file and have a look around. You see that everything is divided into consistently named sections. I won't go into detail about XML here but you can find out more on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML 

    Names of markers, for example are found in the Locators section, you will see something like this (edit: Bulleted the markup as I cannot format it properly in this editor!!).

    • <Locators> 
    •    <Locators> 
    •       <Locator> 
    •          <LomId Value="0" /> 
    •          <Time Value="32" /> 
    •          <Name Value="name of first trackmarker" /> 
    •          <Annotation Value="" /> 
    •          <IsSongStart Value="false" /> 
    •       </Locator> 
    •    </Locators> 
    • </Locators> 
    You can just pull your marker name from the Name Value. Same applies for almost all other labels and notes.
    It takes a bit of effort to do this manually for large sets, but it beats copy pasting out of the main interface and if you've a geeky friend, they might just be kind enough to write a script for you... if they do, please share with us :)
    Hope this saves you some time.
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  • DJ Peter Henry
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    Note: Ableton files are not encrypted, but rather gzipped XML files.

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  • opinsky
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    Apparently now Live encrypts its als files so it cannot be read as XML. Any alternative to this method, or to export labels as text file?


    6 years ago | 1 comment
  • jerry sperry
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    to build on vitaminB's answer:

    Occasionally when using Abelton live I like to make annotations on a long audio file using “markers” in the arrangement view.

    These markers can be converted to a list in a text file with a time code position as well.


    Copy the session “.als” file to a new location so you lose the original

    Change file extension to gzip

    unzip file - a new file is created.

    Change extension of new file to “xml”

    Open in text editor

    Type “Cmd + F” and search for “locator”

    The locations should be visible in the xml. Select them and copy the them.

    go to http://convertcsv.com/xml-to-csv.htm or other similar tool for converting xml

    Type “<xml>” as an opening tag

    Paste you locators only from text edit

    Type a closing “</xml>” tag


    Click convert to cvs, you should see all the markers with commas

    Click xml to excel


    Open in a spreadsheet app (excel, google drive, numbers etc.)

    The new file gives you the position of the marker in beats.

    You can convert “beats” to seconds by dividing by your tempo and multiplying by 60

    From there you can use a “time” function in a formula to convert the markers to time code.

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  • kabooty
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    Windows XML Editor (Open Source):

    jEdit, http://www.jedit.org/

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  • furiousgreencloud
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    Or use the CuePoint Exporter - from http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/3971

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  • ian hands
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    WOW! That's amazing!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain that : )


    6 years ago | 1 comment

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