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Hello. Is it possible somehow to extract the tempo automation? I tried exporting a MIDI clip but it seems that tempo changes are not exported with it... Any help and inputs much appreciated!




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    Tempo automation is done on the master channel automation lane. The master channel cannot contain midi clips, so exporting midi clips would not help. Since it is something that is specific for the project you are working on, i don't think you can extract it and use it on another project.
    However, if it is the exact same tempo changes you want in several projects, try saving an otherwise empty project that only contains the tempo change info. (Delete all other stuff and save it under a different name). When you need it, you open that project first and drag in all the channels/tracks you want to use via the browser. So the other way around, if you will.

    Are we talking very elaborate and complex tempo automation here? Because if it is simple (let's say a straight line from start to finish) it might actually be faster to just draw it in manually each time. You can set minimum and maximum tempo for the automation in the 2 boxes under the automation. So if you set the minimum to the correct starting tempo and set the maximum to the end tempo, you can be done in 10 seconds. If it is more complex, the first way might be better, depending on what it is exactly you are trying to achieve.

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