Export slices from Simpler as individual WAVs?

I've searched around, but haven't really found an answer for this. I'm using Live Lite 9.6. What I want to do is very basic. Create pitched up sample packs for hardware like Volca Sample / Novation Circuit

Here's are my goals
- Take a large chunk of audio and tune/speed/speed it up ( I'm doing this to save sample time. Pitch it down in hardware aka sp1200 trick)... This part is easy
- Create slices from larger audio file (This part is easy too). I'm doing it in Simpler. 
- Export slices as WAV while having the WAV files be pitched up. (This is the part I get stuck at). 

Is there a "render slices to wav" option anywhere?

quick example ... Sample 1 bar drum break into ableton > Pitch up the 1 bar break > Chop it up into 4 slices > Export 4 Slices to use in other hardware samplers.

* I'm trying to avoid manually creating separate files and renaming for each sample slice.


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    There does not seem to be an affirmative answer to this question as of Feb '17...
    Just a whole bunch of us wondering the same thing.

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