export audio 173 bpm - then import back in ....it imports at 299bpm?

export audio 173 bpm  - then drag back in to live.. it imports at 299bpm?

i click warp on off and it is playing to far ahead?  (like a gap at the start)

My question:

How can i export a piece of audio then import it back into the same arrangement in time with music, (without 300 mouse clicks and stress)

(export out ... plop back in)

not freeze flatten... i want to export several variations of the same track.  freezing un- freezing will take valuable time)

(export out ... plop back in)



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  • cutwithflourish
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    There are a two options:

    1. Record to a new clip. You can set the input of any audio track in Live to take the audio output of any other track. This means if you want to capture variations of Track A, just create Track B with Track A as it's input, arm recording of Track B and start playing. You can record a new clip for each variation as you play and then go back and edit your new recorded clips to get the stuff you really like - you don't even need to stop playing. If you want to capture the combination of several tracks you can group them and record the output of the group OR you can set the input of your recording track to "resample" and solo the tracks you want to capture.
    2. If you're not concerned about effects being part of the audio, and it's in the arrangement view, just consolidate the audio.
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  • shipwreck
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    You have "Auto-Warp Long Samples" turned on in your preferences. Ableton is attempting to find the tempo of the exported track that you're pulling back in. You could fix this a couple different ways, but the easiest is probably as follows.

    You can turn off "Auto-Warp Long Samples" in your Preferences (command+,) -> Record Warp Launch -> Auto Warp Long Samples. Or you can simply drag the audio in as you are, then turn warp off in the clip view. Then, also in the clip view, you may see that a portion of the start of the clip has been grayed out. This is Ableton automatically adjusting the clip start time to correspond with the warp settings, which explains the "gap at the start" you were talking about. You can fix this by simply dragging the clip start marker to the left (to the very start of the clip) thus causing the clip to play unwarped, from its start.

    Both of those options are assuming that the exported audio you are dragging back in, and the Live set, are the same tempo (173 bpm). In this case, there is no need to warp the file.

    Best of luck!

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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