Experiences with Kapture 1.0 or 2.01?

i used track states from morgan jenks since months for my session presets, then i read the article on the ableton homepage and thought that this would be a great extension of the same concept, but when i try to save a snapshot it takes about 30-60sec to store and the same time for recall. 

am i the only one with this problem or are there many lucky users?

i thought that it must be a proper solid device when ableton is promoting it?

sorry for my english

all the best and nice greetings from vienna

andreas aka stoersignal


stoersignal 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Marino xL
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    Hi Andreas,

    When you take a snapshot Kapture looks at every parameter of every device in every rack in every track (including racks and nested racks). What this means is that the more parameters Kapture has to look for in the Live Set the longer its going to take for them to be Kaptured.
    This lag varies from computer to computer and what I recommend is that you find a good balance for your particular system. Maybe you have a lot of nested racks (racks inside racks) 
    It is all about optimizing your Live Set to make Kapture work as flawlessly as possible. The reason that Kapture looks at every single parameter is so that you can recall anything at any given time, maybe you want to recall the shaker track later, Kapture keeps this in its memory to give you that option.
    You can make the recall process faster by filtering out tracks that you do not want to recall, but keep in mind that Kapturing will always take the same amount of time. I would say that the average time isn't usually much longer than 10 seconds. It sounds like you probably have a massive Live Set. :)
    I hope this helps, if you have more questions please don't hesitate to get in touch at: support@liinet.net
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  • stoersignal
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    but that was clear, yes i have a big live set, but it even is so slow when i want to use it with 2 tracks and i have a i7 4x3.8 Ghz ,12Gb Ram(1066Mhz) so this would not be the problem. i really don`t know whats the problem. i`m using other m4l preset devices with no problem which are really fast?

    all the best


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  • Marino xL
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    Hi soersignal,

    We have tried Kapture in Plastikman's Live Set which has over 130 tracks as well as Live Sets with 2 tracks. Performance has been acceptable in all cases, especially on very fast machines comparable to yours. I invite you to contact us at support@liine.net so we can further assist you. We can have a look at your ALS and figure out what's going on.

    Again you shouldn't be experiencing more than 10 seconds. 



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  • Polyson
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    Hi I'm experiencing the same problem for capturing. It takes more than 2mn for a "only" 40 tracks set (100% ableton, no 3rd party plugins) with a macbook (I5, SSD hard drive, 8Go RAM).

    Strange thing is that my processor stay at 4% and is not overloaded.

    I'm using Kapture 2.0.3.

    Stoersignal, did you slove your problem ? Does anybody has a solution or should I contact liine too ?


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