Envelopes from Drum Rack on separated tracks

I'm in Session View, I got one MIDI track with the Drum Rack. On its pads there are kick, snare, closed hihat and so on.
Each of these clips have their own dedicated MIDI tracks, which are routed to (via MIDI To) the first MIDI track with no MIDI data, only the Drum Rack.
MIDI is received and played but most envelopes on the separated MIDI tracks are not there, why?
E.g. if a clip with closed hihat is on the first MIDI track (with the Drum Rack), I’m able to chose multiple envelopes, like transpose automation, for each sound, but if I move the clip to a separate MIDI track these envelope options disappear. How can I do this, or any suggestions for a workaround?


Palsen 1 year ago | 0 comments

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