Envelope follower only 'actives' when you highlight the track it's on?

I have a live set that i'm using for a performance. I'm using ClyphX to turn a few envelope followers on/off during different scenes.

The problem i'm having, is that when one of the envelope follower devices is turned on when a scene is triggered (this is in clip view, by the way), it won't actually start working until I switch to track view and actually select the track it's on so it's visible. Only then will it start detecting the input.

Any ideas why/how to overcome this?


The reason this is necessary: Let's simplify it and say I have six audio tracks, three of them with an envelope follower, and one MIDI track with Kontakt 5 on it. Each of the first three audio tracks with the envelope follower shares the same audio input.

The envelope follower uses this input to trigger a virtual keyboard (Max device), which sends MIDI to kontakt, and the audio then returns to a new audio track. I'm using this to create drum triggering in realtime.

For some reason, when more than one envelope follower device is on (even if those tracks are muted), there is a clipping/crackling sound that occurs for whichever track is currently receiving the audio. Somehow having multiple instanced of envelope follower on at the same time is causing the audio from Kontakt to sound slightly distorted with each hit. No idea why.

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