End marker problems

I'm using Live 9, and have an M-Audio Keystation 49ES as my MIDI controller. Using the midi controller I've recorded an 8-bar phrase and then copied-and-pasted it so that it plays twice in a row. However, the end marker is stuck at 9.1.1, so the second phrase will play for a beat and then playback stops all together. The triangular end marker is darkened and can't be moved to the right, only to the left. The area beyond the end marker is also darkened. Basically, the initial recording will play and then stop at 9.1.1 and I can't move the end marker out to the end of the full clip. This is especially problematic since I actually want this phrase to play thrice in a row before moving onto the next part of the song. I have also tried manually imputting an end point (by changing the values from 9, 1, and 1 to 17, 1, and 1, but as soon as I click away, hit enter, set, or anything, the numbers return to 9.1.1.

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starrj18 2 years ago | 0 comments

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