Enabling Warp Changes Waveform View

When I enter the waveform view editing an unwarped clip and then I enable warp, the waveform view goes to a completely different seemingly random segment of the waveform.   I then have to zoom out and find my locators and zoom back in to where I was editing.  This has been frustrating me for years.  Why does this happen?  Can I turn this off?



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    I was playing around with this bug (the warp relocating the waveform bug) and I found out what is causing it, so Ableton should now be able to fix it easily! What's more, you're now being formally made aware of it in a public forum! Please fix this bug! 


    Here are the steps to reproduce the bug, revised to include instructions on how to fix in your code.

    1. Open a long waveform.
    2. Make sure warp is off.
    3. Zoom in and move the start marker to somewhere in the waveform.
    4. Enable warp.  You will notice the view of the wavefrom moves exactly the distance 0->startmarker away from the correct view, which shouldn't have moved at all!
    The reason why the waveform view moves is because Live is computing the distance to place the new warp view relative to the start marker.  In other words, when the start marker is at time 0 and warp is enabled with view at time S, then Live correctly computes that the view should be placed at S because start is at 0.  However, when start is at time T and view is at second S, enabling warp computes that the view should be placed at S+T which is incorrect.  
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