emu asio not working

Hi, I know the last Emu 1212m driver is not officially supported on Win7 64bit.

But it works just fine with Cubase.

Though with Ableton (latest version 8 build) , I have to set Windows 7 user security level to the lowest level (i.e. off) before the sound gets routed through Emu Asio to the output of the 1212m card....

(Direct X works fine but that's not an option for me)

(The program does produce sound, the level meters all show an "output")

Any ideas?



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    Ok, problem solved: I added all administrative rights possible to the PatchMix DSP Application, and chose "run as administrator" and Vista SP2 compatibility. Seems to have done the trick.

    Edit: another thing: In Win XP, my default for outputs in the EMU Patch Mix DSP was ASIO 31/32. For some reason, these channels seem not to be working for Live on my Win7 machine , or they are already occupied by another program (I think it might be Skype, but I'm not sure)... I added an ASIO 1/2 output channel strip in Patch Mix DSP and set the preferences in Ableton accordingly, now everything is working fine (for the moment).  


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