Editing Breakpoint Automation: "Just the Peaks"?

hello again everyone

i have automated a track's MIXER > VOLUME automation with a range of breakpoints in a sawtooth pattern, causing rapid swells that create a "bowing" volume effect -- one point at low, the next at high, the next at low, and so forth; rapidly (yet randomly) alternating.

now i'd like to trim a bit off all the high points without changing any of the bottom points.

i could use a compressor audio effect, but i'd like to see if i can do this by editing the automation.

essentially, i'm trying to find a way in LIVE to marquee a set of points horizontally, but limit the vertical range so that only a specific horizontal "strip" of points are selected, and then "squash" the entire top down a bit without changing the status of the bottom.

but as far as i can discover, within any given range of selected time you can either grab a single anchor point, or ALL the points within that time (even if some are ones you want to leave in place).

i have tried both pencil and arrow, no dice. and i'm sure there's gotta be a way.... uhh... right?

is there maybe some modifier key that turns one or the other into a kind of "freeform select" tool that could grab a specific horizontal set of values but not the ENTIRE horizontal & vertical range of values?

thanks, as always!


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