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I picked up a FocusRite box along with Ableton Live Lite.

I just couldn't get ProTools to launch on my WIndows 7 and the support community at Avid was terrible

So here's my easy question. My Live installed and launched (hooray) and using the tutorials I was able to drop external weav and mp3 files in and was able to deliver an audiio signal with a microphone. All wonderful things.

But I can't for the life of me get the effects screen to come up for a track.

It says for me to drop in an effects. So the behavior of the software is not matching the pdf file.


Am I just being lame or is it too obvious and I am overlooking the approach?




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    First, select an audio track in either Arrangement or Session view. Then, in the bottom right corner of Live, there is an arrow to show/hide detail view. Immediately to the left of that arrow is the track view selector; click that. The detail view (at the bottom of the screen) should now display the message "drop audio effects here". Next in the top left corner of Live, there is an arrow to show/hide the browser. Directly below that, there is an icon that looks sort of like a simplified toolbox. This is the "Live Device Browser" click on that.

    Now you should see "Audio Effects, MIDI Effects, and Instruments" in the device browser. Within that "Audio Effects" folder, are all of Live's effects and presets. You can either drag an audio effect to the track's "device chain" in the detail view (where it indicates). Or you can double click on an effect or preset, to add it to the device chain of your currently selected track.

    Hope that helps!

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