EastWest Play Crashing Set on Load

I have recently just purchased the CCC Gold package from EastWest during their 50% off sale and after spending days building templates and a large orchestral kit I have discovered that there seems to be an issue:

Windows 7 Professional 64
i7 4970K
500GB Samsung SSD (Dedicated for eastwest content)
Live 9.2 64bit + Live 9.2beta
EastWest Play 4 64bit

The issue is I can create a rather large live set with both Play and Native Instruments Kontakt instances which requires up to 11GB Ram. There is still plenty of RAM headroom (about 1.1GB) and CPU load is under 50%. 

The set works just fine with no issues in performing but when I try and open the set after saving Live will start loading and once it begins loading the EastWest play VST it will crash. 

I have also tried to reduce the set down to 8GB but it seems if I have a few instances of Play to load it causes this crash.

I can, however, open a blank set and drag in the saved set which loads it all fine. The issue appears to be opening a saved set specifically. 

I have one set I have tested with that will always crash on first attempt but opens on second. I have never had crashes like this before and have created just as larger sets with Kontakt and Omnisphere so the size is not specifically the issue, it appears to be the Play VST and Live but like I said, I can always load by dragging a saved set into an open project. 

This issue occurs both in Live and in the Beta.


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    I also have EWQL and has similar issues.


    Here was my work-around.


    Create master template with only track labels, groups, sends, and busses.

    Then manually drag each template below into respective slots as needed.

    Stay Away from Massive Presets, instead create mini templates and save it into your Templates-Project folder for easy Recall.

    Also - turn REVERB off ADT on EWQL PLAY engine on each template load. I found this to help cpu. Instead create 1 or 2 master reverb sends. That might be why its crashing.

    Also, with ram, usually you want to have ~20 always free ram. As you approach the ram limit, your system will start throttling, so a 20% ram buffer helps prevent your system from chocking.


    a. String Only Template (Lite) 

    Violin II - Basic Legato

    Violin I - Basic Legato

    Viola - Basic Legato

    Cello - Basic Legato

    Double Bass - Basic Legato


    b. String Only Template (Heavy) 

    Violin II (All articulations)

    Violin I (All articulations)

    Viola (All articulations)

    Cello (All articulations)

    Double Bass (All articulations)


    c. Brass (Lite)

    Trumpets, Trombones, Tubas ...

    d. Brass (Heavy)

    e. Winds (Lite)

    f. Winds (Heavy)





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