dumb question: how do I record MIDI controller data from my midi synth in Live 9?

I have an Access Virus - connected to Mac / Live 9 via MIDI. [not usb] All working fine.


How do I record the midi data being output from the Virus' built in CC knobs - eg - cutoff or resonance into the Live Arrange view?


the Virus is definitely sending the data to the mac as Logic Pro can record it - however - Live 9 refuses to record anything aside from midi notes. Some sort of filter is active but I cant figure out how to disable it.


I have one other midi device attached - an Akai MPK 49 - again - Live records midi notes no problem but will not record any controller data - pitch / mod / or other CCs


Please help me out!..I have tried many searches of the manual / forums - all I get is pages of info on midi Controllers  - but nothing helpful on midi CC data.


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    Hi nice set up

    you've probably solved this already but just incase for others.

    just open a blank instrument rack load virus into that and configure all the settings you want to control, and then map those to your main controller,i use a push but you could map to any other compatable controller. once done you can send midi messages record autimation and so on no probs.

    for a more detailed explanation and vid you could look on youtube


    but i suggest getting a lynda.com account (and keep it running to return to as a referance )  the Ableton tutorials are spot on (you can bookmark specific parts of vids and create your own playlists) i went from beginner to intermediate in no time which is saying a lot for someone that is registered Dyslexic .

    Im also starting a Pointblank  or Dub-spot  for (Ableton ) online course in a few weeks for 8 months just to really home the skills I've already taught myself plus properly define my sound.i would recommend anyone else do the same also. as from what I've heard theres allot to be gained what ever level your at too.

    hope this helps


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