Dumb question, but please help!

I have Live 8, and just downloade NI Komplete 8. I installed it as a 64bit file, but i don't seem to have a VST plugin folder. I went to preferences and can't open it althought it's in my C drive with all my other files.


sorry for the boring newb question, and i have done the tutorials, but i'm confused..


thanks !!




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    First of all, you need to have a vst folder. You can use a default folder or create your own.
    Live is still 32 bit, so it can only work with 32 bit plugins.
    NI software should ask you where you want to put the plugin files during the installing process. Most NI software also asks you where you want to put the 32 bit and the 64 bit plugin.
    Make sure the vst files are in your vst folder. (The software can be installen on your program harddisk, but there should be a vst file in the vst folder as well)

    Then go to Live's preferences, and select the option to choose a custom vst folder. Find the correct folder, and let Live rescan your vst's. After that it should appear in your vst list, and be ready for use in Live.

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