Dual monitor - option of locking second monitor on Midi Note Editor view?

Hi all, 

I have been starting to use the dual monitor feature just a couple of days ago. The reason I hadn't bothered before was that I almost exclusively use arrangement view, so I didn't see the need to have a session view on my second monitor.

Today I realised that it is possible to have the arrangement view on the main monitor, and the Midi Note Editor on the second monitor, Which is great! Although achieving this requires some gymnastics:

- Go to second monitor

- Switch it to session view (press tab)

- Select any midi clip

- Maximise the bottom Midi Note Editor (dragging it all the way up)

- Return to main monitor and switch it to arrangement view (press tab again)

- And voila!  selecting any midi clip on the main display (by single clicking on it) will show the corresponding midi note editor full window on the second display.

My problem is that if by mistake you double click a midi clip in performance view (main display) then the midi note editor of second display disappears and you're left again with just the session view. To get back to the previous setting, you have to go through all the process again (minus maximising the midi note editor window),

SO my question is, is it possible to lock the second display so such switch does not happen? if not, is this an option that the Ableton team could eventually implement? would make my life so much easier....


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    interesting idea - any solution found?

    2 years ago | 0 comments

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