Drumrack changes BPM when Master Tempo changes. Help :(

How can I avoid this problem? I've read somewhere that this is normal but is there really no option that I can play samples like they are while changing the bpm of the track? BTW: Is it possible to timestretch a sample in drumrack everytime the mastertempo is changed?

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    The drum rack is a midi device, so it automatically changes with the master tempo, as it should. The samples themselves, however, are played from a Simpler device for each slot. And Simpler has separate settings/possibilities for every sample, including warp settings. If you turn warp off for a sample, it will not adapt to changes in tempo. The whole drumrack, however, will still change with any tempo changes. I suggest reading some info on how the (new) Simpler works. This should give you the info you need for your problem. Hope this helps!

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