drumrack alle sampels gleichzeitig editieren

Kann ich in einem drumrack alle sampels gleichzeitig editieren zb. velocity ?


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    There is a quick way to change the value of a parameter on all samples in the drum rack. For example, you've set the velocity of 1 sample and you'd like to copy that value across the entire rack. Ctrl-click over the value and select Copy Value to Siblings (Ich weiß nicht wie es heißt auf Deutsch). All velocities will now be the same for all samples.

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  • vitaminB
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    Ich weiss was du meinst, aber es ist leider nicht möglich. Aber mann kann 'preparieren' für diese Situation... Ich erkläre es schnell auf Englisch weil ich schreib nicht so fliessend auf Deutsch.

    You cannot select all instruments in a drum rack at once, or change common values at the same time unless you do some preparation and use macros. Here's how to do it:

    1. Create a new drum rack with a single Sampler/Simpler on it and map the desired instrument controls (velocity, sample start, volume, pitch, whatever you like) to the macro bank. Remember, all channels will be affected at the same time.

    2. Using the file browser find the Ableton > Library > Defaults folder. This is where the default behaviour of Live is defined for a range of different scenarios. The scenario we want to modify is Dropping Samples on a Drum Rack so... navigate to Dropping Samples > On Drum Rack.

    3. Drag your new rack into the On Drum Rack folder to make it the new default.

    Now, when you drop a sample on a drum rack, it will already have the necessary mappings set up to a single macro, and this will be consistent for all samples you drop... 

    Hoffentlich hilft das! Wenn du eine Deutsche übersetzung brauchst, dann fragst du mich weiter..


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