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So I got Groove Machine and downloaded a demo of another sequencer and I can't figure out how to record it into Live. When I hit Record and Play I feel like its being saved , but when I try to play it back it isn't playing the audio I thought i  had recorded.


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    Tricky one this... there are a number of points in the process where you could be stumbling. Firstly ensure that you have an audio channel set up in Ableton with the input assigned 'from' your Groove Machine channel. Secondly (and I don't know groove machine) but I expect there may be a setting on GM which enables audio/MIDI output from the sequencer, this you will need to confirm by checking the manual and investigating. Once you're set up remember to arm the channel you're recording into and hit play, you will know if it's working because you will see the audio waveform appearing in the clip view at the bottom of the screen. It will be worth taking a close look at the input section of the IO on the audio channel you're recording into, it's highly likely to have Groove Machine as an available input and then a choice of input channels within GM, it may even let you record different parts of the drum sequence seperately i.e. kick, snare etc...

    Hope this helps.


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