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Feel like an idiot but I can't seem to figure it out (since I use separate tracks with simpler for my different drum samples).  I load up samples I want into a drum rack, and write them into MIDI, but then when I go to adjust the MIDI note length, it doesn't affect the sample sound.  For example if I shorten a hi-hat note in the piano roll, it still plays the entire sample back, instead of the corresponding shortened note I am looking for.  Any ideas how to do this, or why it's not letting me edit note length?


Thanks in advance.


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    the default setting on a Simpler when created inside a Drum Rack is to have its envelope's Release value set to 60.0s. If you bring it down to 1ms, sample playback wll be cut at note-off (or, to be more precise, faded out over 1ms) as expected.

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