Drum Rack is outputting ALL midi notes to my external MIDI device - why?

I have a fairly straight forward drum rack that I want to use to control/sequence an external drum machine via MIDI. 

I'm using the External Instrument mapped to the bottom 7 pads for the 7 drum voices I want to control. Per the drum machine manual, I have MIDI notes assigned 36-42 for the respective pads and changed the MIDI filter to reflect the same MIDI note being outputted (C1 received results in C1 played, C#1 received results in C#1 played, and so on for the 7 notes I'm using). 

When I play a note in the pad or in the chain window, my drum machine fires all 7 voices at once as if its received all 7 midi notes.

I would assume that the problem could be with the drum machine but I have another MIDI device that Ableton is acting funny with - the device will not play simultaneous notes with Ableton Drum Rack but will with every other MIDI controller I have. I'm beginning to think I have a fundamental misunderstanding as to how drum rack works or maybe there is an issue with drum rack and external instruments.

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bradfromraleigh 2 years ago | 0 comments

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