Drum loop sounds weird. Artifacts

Hello there. I have an issue that comes once in a while. I have a perfectly straight clip using an 808 kick 4/4 four to the floor as simple as it gets. When i play it on some cases and without having record any automation the 3 kick of the 4 in the clip sounds weird. has a bit of a "click" sound in it. if i shorten the loop the problem goes away. Anyone else having this issue? It also happens if i sometimes make one midi track 4/4 kick and a second one a snare hitting with every second kick like in house music. if i have a loop lets say 8bars at some points the snare and kick sound like they are drifting a tiny bit apart so the don`t sound as one contantly. I repeat, Without automation recorded...


Second: Anyone knows if i can loop a selection of clips in a row in Session view at once?

When i drag multiple  consolidated clips from the Arragnement view into the seesion view i need to manually activate loop on each clip. Thats a bit of a bummer this way....


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    The last part of your question: yes, you can loop several parts in arrangement view before moving them over to session, and the clips will then be looped.

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