Drastic CPU Problems with Live 9.1 on a Mac Pro 4.1 with Mavericks


I bought a Mac Pro 4.1 with 8 cores and 16gb RAM to improve my overall Performance. (had a mid 2011 i5 iMac before). But instead of working faster I recognize vast CPU and Latency problems: Instruments and Effects take much more CPU power now. I have over 20% CPU usage with just 8 Tracks whereas with my old iMac i was around 7%. When the CPU Load is over 25% I get nasty clicks or pops and I have to reduce the latency of my Fireface 800. 

Working with for example Kontakt 5 is not possible. One instance of Kontakt 5 with on loaded Studio Drummer Kit takes the CPU to 23-25%!

It seems to be a problem of Ableton because my CPU Analysing tool shows me a maximum of 2-6%  overall CPU Usage.

Thanks for your help!


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addi307 3 months ago | 1 comment

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