Dragging in some clip groups momentarily freezes my screen, other groups no problem

I have made groups of clips that I have in my browser as project folders. I use them in my live performance by dragging that folder over to my clip view and launching the various clips using my apc40.

All these clip folders have been created the same way: By selecting all the clips I am going to use and dragging them over to the browser window to create a project folder. For some reason most of these clip groups seem to take a lot of processing power to load and freeze ableton. Whatever was playing still plays but the visual aspect is frozen for maybe 5 seconds while the clips all load in.

The strange thing is that a few of these clip groups drop right in without any loading or freezing. All clip groups have analysis files already created along with the samples and all clip groups have about the same number of clips. Any idea what could be different between the ones that drop right in and the others that freeze up momentarily? What could I do to get the clip groups that freeze up to just drop in like the other clip groups?

Thanks so much for any ideas

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Ripple Point 1 year ago | 0 comments

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