Drag midi clips?

Is it possible to drag & drop midi clips from the clip page onto the arrange page? I like editing midi clips in Ableton, but would like the freedom to arrange my midi (& audio clips) without playing the clips in.


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  • Carlosnik
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    Of Course you can Drag and Drop clips either Midi or Audio to the Arrangement View. You just have to click on one or Several selected clips, and drag them to the upper right corner , where the Arrangement view Icon is, and automatically the Arrangement will appear on, then move the clips on the Track you Wish.

    Keep in Mind, that if you are moving clips from a Track which has some FX or Process on, you should use the same track in the arrangement view.

    The Copy & Paste is also a nice way to move clips to the arrangement view.


    The Master Record Option is pretenteded for other uses.


    Hope this works!

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