Does Uninstalling from the Windows Control Panel Delete Your Library

Hello, I just have a quick question about the uninstall process. I had just bought Ableton Live Intro over the holidays (after using the free trial and deciding to buy it) and I had installed the program (8.0.7) from the included discs. After checking for updates, I had then installed the latest (8.2.7 as of the time of writing) version of Live Intro, and I currently have both versions installed side by side. However, I am not currently using 8.0.7 and wish to un-install it, however, I am not sure if this will delete the Library or not, and I do wish to not have to deal with re-installing all of the content. Is it safe to uninstall 8.0.7, or do I have to do something before doing this?


RoboZombie585 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Amaury Ableton staff
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    You can proceed and un-install the older version via the Windows Control Panel. The Library will stay untouched.

    6 years ago | 1 comment

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