Does the Mackie protocol devices auto-assign group tracks to their channels?


If anyone has a Mackie device such as the Universal Controller Pro or Icon Qpro or any other device that uses the Mackie auto-assign protocol, could you please tell me how it behaves in Ableton Live, if it automatically assigns group tracks to it's channels or it ignores them and moves on to the next regular simple track in Ableton.

Also, if a closed group track is closed, and not recognized, when opened up and displaying its tracks, does the Mackie pick up those tracks then, and assign them to channels automatically?

Any info would be welcome



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    I use an old interface with 8 automated faders (tascam fw-1884) that runs under Mackie protocol.

    What it does is this:
    It selects the first 8 tracks in your DAW, and you can skip through to the next 8 channels by using the bank select buttons.

    If there is a group track in there somewhere, it will control the group fader if the group is collapsed (so you only see the group fader, not all the tracks that are in that group.)
    But as soon as you fold out the group in Live, the Mackie device will assign the faders to the right of that group fader to the channels that are inside that group. In other words: you can then control the group fader AND all the channels inside the group. Any other channels to the right of the group will shift to the right in the controller as well.
    As soon as you collapse the group again, only the group fader is assigned, and the tracks after the group are assigned to the other faders again.

    Basically, what you see in your screen is what you can control.

    Hope this is what you were looking for?

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