Does Simpler Do Anything Sampler Cannot?

Hello! I'm trying to streamline my Live setup and want to get rid of devices I don't use. I have worked a lot with Sampler and am wondering if Simpler can preform any functions Sampler cannot. I played around with it but couldn't find anything unique.


Same question for Impulse vs Drum Rack. Does Impulse do anything Drum Rack can't?


And Collision vs Tension?




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    Simpler vs sampler: sampler has more options and the ability to load multisamples (instead of just pitching notes up or down)

    But Simpler has some other advantages: especially the new Simpler with that great slicing option. 

    If you couldn't find any differences, you didn't try enough :-)

    Impulse vs Drumrack: drumrack can load instruments and plugins in slots. Drumrack has waaaaaay more slots. But Impulse is great for "simple" use, because it has less distractions and a simpler setup. Depends on your taste, mostly.

    And finally, Collision vs Tension: that is not really comparable. It is like asking what the difference is between Synth vst A and Synth vst B. Different instruments with different options and sounds. Just like there are many types of electric guitars. Why? because not everybody likes the same instruments, simple as that.



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