Does Push 2 render Sampler obsolete?

Hi all,

I am probably about to purchase Push 2, as it looks amazing, but I'm wondering--as a huge fan and owner of Sampler--if I will ever need it again, as Push 2 utilizes Simpler for working with samples.

(For the newbies: Simpler is a sampler that comes with Live 9 Standard; Sampler is a sampler that comes with Live 9 Suite or is available for separate purchase for $99).

So, is there any way to use Sampler with Push 2, or will I never use it--or my $99--again?


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  • mylkoa
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    There are several things that Sampler does that Simpler can't (as far as my experience goes)... the immeadiate ones that come to mind are:

    -complex zone layers and customization

    -and the sustain modes, especially "loop back and forth"

    The Samplification live pack really showed me a few things about  how Sampler is a powerful tool.

    There is also a great video that Ableton did about Sampler and Samplification, but this Answers area will not allow me to post youtube urls. Cheers!

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