Does "Places" need to re-index a volume every time it becomes disconnected to that volume?

I host my sample library on an external drive and or server, and it takes 10 minutes for Ableton 9 to index these volumes.  When I log off and disconnect from those volumes, will Ableton need to re-index those over and over? 


         I am missing the ability from 8 to find files in folders without the indexing process





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  • electrohead
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    I also have a sample library on an external hard drive - approx 500GB - i cannot seem to access ALL my sample files when I open Live 9 - is it indexing which is taking a VERY long time??

    Any advice please, as my way of working includes browsing through my huge sample library

    In live 8 it was a breeze!


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  • michael.j.mclaughlin20
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    If you log off from your network, the drive will be disconnected from your computer. If you open Ableton and it is unable to find your places, you should not be able to index let alone find the samples / materials that are on that external drive. If you do the above then reconnect the drive, it might have to index it again, but I cannot say for sure since I do not use an external drive. 

    I suppose the best way would be to just try it and find out for yourself.

    Please report back with your findings. I'm sure we would all like to know. :)

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