Does Looper ultimately work or not work?

I know there are multiple scenarios of how people use Looper, but mine is as simple as it gets and its not working right. Sometimes Looper responds, sometimes it doesnt.

I have an BOSS FS 6 pedal controller hooked to a Sustain Pedal input on a Novation Controller which hooks to the computer via USB.

I MIDI program the Looper record/play button to the FS6 pedal A or B.  Sometimes, when triggering the FS6 with my foot, Looper responds and starts recording, sometimes it doesnt. I also have 3 more tracks each with Looper and also all MIDI progd to the pedal. But ARM record is one track at a time and I record one track at a time. BUt when recording on one track the other tracks the Looper seem to just Play themselves even though I havent recorded anything in them nor are they armed. In fact the Looper settings on this empty tracks. Song Control set to "None" and Tempo Control set to  "Follow Song Tempo"

Not sure if the Boss FS6 is not good enough or not the right fit or..... Looper just sucks?? Considering the Ableton tutorials of Looper made by Ableton claim any Sustain pedal will do (as they show a crappy one being used by the demoer)......what gives???

I just need one button to record and play with my foot!








Sebastian 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • JayDeLux
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    I have the same problem lol

    Did you manage to fix it somehow?

    My setup is simple: Ableton PUSH on which i plugged each of my pedals of FS-6, Looper, MIDI mapping ... and it does not behave as expected (odd, although it does when I use the mouse on the Looper's buttons).

    Thanks in advance.

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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