Does Live 8.4 work with TOUCH OSC 1.8.1 ? can not get it to work ?

Hi all hope someone can help,

I recently updated to mountain lion, since i have installed all my software from the ground up all good ! When i tried to set the file path for TOUCH OSC live was greyed out and could not be selected ? the only difference i can see is the live installs in applications now not in the HD area as it use to.


I have contacted support and they could not help as it is not a ableton product.


I have used OSC with 8.0 threw to 8.2.6 no worries but 8.4 no dice ?


Live can see it in the midi in-out section but does not drop down in the control surface box ?


all other setting come up the same, weird as hope some one out there can help







Minus 5 years ago | 0 comments

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