Does anyone use LIVE to play virtual synths in realtime?


After 2 weeks or absolute troubleshooting hell trying to find out why all my realtime musical performances using Collision and sampler are out of time, I discovered ableton's MIDI brief, where they describe inducing latency to MIDI in order to avoid jitter. In a test where I recorded MIDI from a percussion controller along with in-the-room audio of of the same performance, I discovered that the recorded MIDI notes fell 30 ms AFTER the audio recording of the same hits. Viola, there's the problem. My conclusion: not possible to use LIVE to perform real-time music using virtual synths. Not because of audio latency, because of MIDI latency.

To make a comparison, I installed REAPER, where I found no such problems.

All drivers, firmwware, etc up to date. All the recommended Windows tweaks for DAW use.

Does anyone play of record virtual synths in realtime, using live 8 or 9, and NOT have the MIDi latency that ableton writes into the LIVE code?

Thanks I appreciate your input,

Ed Mann

LIVE 8.4.1, ASUS i5, 8 GB, 1 gb, 7200, win7 svc. pK 1, tascam us144mkIii


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    I've used Live since V 8 on a late 2009 MBP originally with 4GB RAM, now it's got 8 with a 1TB HDD. L8 was perfect, but with the upgrade to L9, the pops and clicks started. So much so that I effectively just went back to L8, Pro Tools 8 and Reason 6. Another thing I noticed straight away when using L9 playing tracks done on L8 was the almost doubling in CPU load. However, for some reason unknown to me is that the pops have stopped as of last Saturday night. I was playing not programming one of their grand piano packs - Downtown I think it is, only two track but there was nothing untoward. I tried it in L8 first though and the pops were there - very annoyed, checked the samples setting in preferences and it was set to 14 samples, so I set it to 512. Then did the same in L9, then reduced it to 128 in L9 and it worked perfectly. IMHO, all these DAW companies have saturated the market and are scrabbling round to offer us more 'features' to entice us to upgrade but there really sin' much reason to. I was almost tempted to go back to hardware - I've still got an EMU sampler, Waldorf Q rack, Roland MC 909 and a Supernova 2. Together with a Tascam DP 24 or 32 would do me just perfectly. Also, I have always thought it not good practice to have everything in one 'box' as it were.
    Sorry not to be able to offer any concrete help.


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    Thanks Max

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