Does anyone know what type of desk + 4U rack case is used for the Live9 promo photo?


In the  New in Live 9 promo photo there is a very unique looking wood/black desk and even a cooler looking 4U rack space that looks like it has an adjustable tilt/handle.  Does anyone know who makes either of these items?  Either item would be very useful to me at the moment.




Model.Fragment 5 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    The rack is probably from SKB, if i see it correctly. Don't know the exact type though. Try searching all skb types.

    The desk looks like a simple custom made thing.

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  • rougenavarre
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    Sorry i just posted the same question about the rack ! F*** ! 

    But i tried a research on google with keywords like : 

    "All SKB racks", "SKB racks 4U with folding handle", "SKB Rack 4U for table", "Legacy SKB Racks", "Discontinued...", etc...and i found images of lots of SKB racks, newborn babies, macaronis, sheets dryers, pandas. But never i found this rack. I don't know now if it's an SKB one finally...Research is a science. 

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