Does anyone else record hardcore or metal in Ableton?

Just curious to see if you guys have experienced any issues with tracking these styles and also what stock plugs are your go to items. Seems like a lot of people who track these styles are down on Ableton, very PT or Cubase only.


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    Im doing a transition from Reaper and my guitar with some midi samples to push plus suite plus ezdrummer2 (demo still) and seeing if I can do EZDrummer type work in the included material which seems possible using the Studio Multimic'd kit so far.

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    I'm actually recording some black metal right now, used to be really into it when I was a teen so it's sort of a nostalgic project ;) The funny thing is I'm a much better producer and guitar player now so it finally sounds how I wanted it to sound back when I was actually into it :D

    I'm kind of going for the 'Panzer Division Marduk' sound which has a relatively clean and well-produced/balanced sound for a black metal album I think, but still sounds really aggressive and has a lot of impact.

    Right now I'm using Battery for the drums with the PSP Vintage Warmer and Saturator on it (and I'm EQing it pretty rigorously), as well as some trashy snaredrum samples I recorded myself for the blastbeats. Not really happy with the Battery sounds for this though so I'm gonna start looking for something to replace them with soon. I record a bunch of layers of distorted guitars and then enhance some of them with Saturator, Overdrive and/or a really short stereo delay to make it sound wider. Also on the bass guitar I used this weird VST called Grumblebum on one track to make it sound filthier and distorted but not in a standard fuzz bass way (the settings at which I'm using it it sounds almost digital, really sharp and distorted without any consideration for the dyamics of the input signal, just sounds extremely distorted and filthy all the time), and then layered it with the dry bass guitar sound to give it some body. Other than that I just do it like I would produce any other style of music I guess, EQing, adding reverb, playing with the stereo spectrum etc :)



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