Does Ableton live 9 support key pressure i.e. Polyphonic aftertouch?

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I can't find the answer to this despite searching, so please pardon me if this has already been discussed before. I am using Ableton Live 9 (9.1.4)with Push. recently i got the CME X keys controller keyboard which supports key pressure, however, Ableton is not recording the key pressure messages. Only when i change to Channel pressure the aftertouch messaged get recorded.

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  • parking sun
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    This question and answer are ambiguous... Live could "support" poly aftertouch in the sense 
    1. that inbuilt instruments could respond usefully to poly-aftertouch messages.
    2. that even if inbuilt instruments do not respond usefully, at least the poly after touch messages may be sequences in the GUI
    3.  that even if the inbuilt instruments could not respond usefully, at least the incoming  MIDI poly-aftertouch data would be preserved and passed on to external midi devices and plugins.
    The answer to all 3 is still "no", but I was surprised by the last one, despite the knowning the answer to the first 2 - I did not expect that Ableton Live would *delete* useful MIDI data from the MIDI stream simply because it could not use it itself, even though it can host plugins which will use such data.
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  • KatzeMeow
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    About the closest thing ive found its the same trick you use for the Roli seaboard.

    I wonder if you could adapt this technique to map aftertouch back to the same instrument track?

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  • dataf1ow
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    Nope, Live does not support polyphonic aftertouch. 

    3 years ago | 1 comment

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