Doeas anyone know how to *stop* Live form starting the sequencer on my synth?

Dear All,

does anyone know how to stop Live from sending the "start" signal to an external synth with a sequencer - e.g. in t his case, a Korg Minilogue? So I've got midi clips in Live, but whenever I start playback in Live it starts the sequencer playing for whatever sound I have loaded in the Minilogue. 


Some people have suggested clearing the sequencer memory so that it basically plays nothing, but this sounds like an extreme approach.


It only happens when sync is set to on, but this is of course very useful for all sorts of other parameters like arp speed, lfo sync etc so don't want to disable that either.


Thanks in advance folks!


all the best



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DrMacca 7 months ago | 0 comments

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