Do I need to convert a wav file to mp3 to send it as an attacment via email?


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    That depends on the maximum size of attachment yourmail provider offers.
    Since wav files are usually pretty big, converting it to mp3 is the logical thing to do.

    But why not use one of the many many filesharing options out there?
    Websites like let you transfer files up to several GB in size for free: just upload it, enter a recipiant and send.
    Another option would be Dropbox: upload the file, and access it from anywhere in the world with your username and password. There's even an option to create a 'public' folder in Dropbox that can be accessed by

    Again, another option is to use websites like Soundcloud; upload a track, set it to private, and give access to people of your choice. The receiving person should also have a Soundcloud account though.

    By the way; these options have been around for many years!

    Welcome to the 21st century :-)

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