Do any controllers receive LED feedback from the Session Record button?

I'm almost done setting up my live looping template, but there's one small issue holding me up.

I've mapped the Session Record button to a pad on my MPK249, and while it works great, it doesn't receive LED feedback. That means I can't always tell when it's active or not, and because I try to never look at the screen, it means I sometimes think I'm recording but I'm not. I tried a few things, including changing the pad to toggle instead of momentary on the controller, but that doesn't work.

I believe the Push and perhaps the APC40 MKII have indicator lights for when Session Record, but I'm looking for something much smaller and less expensive. I don't need all the extra functionality they provide. Does anyone know if a regular Launchpad or maybe a smaller Akai clip launcher will let me know when I'm Session Recording or not if I map it to a pad?

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indoorkid 7 months ago | 0 comments

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