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At the most basic level, I am considering DJing a set without my turntables, and instead using my Mac and Ableton. The problem is that the Mac has only a single stereo output, so I can't cue or monitor. I think I know what I need to be able to do this, but I want input and confirmation that I'm going about it the right way. 

To have monitor/cue ability, I plan to get a dual stereo output audio interface, such as the M-Audio FastTrack Pro. I will connect the audio interface to my Mac via USB, and then the audio outputs (1/2) to Channel 1 of my mixer, and outputs (3/4) to Channel 2 of my mixer. The M-Audio Fast Track Pro has an A/B toggle switch for monitoring straight out of this device, but I want to be able to use my mixer instead. I think this will work as I have described, but correct me if I'm wrong please.

Next, I plan to use my Akai APC40 to trigger clips, so I will simply connect this to my Mac via USB cable.


1. Is the M-Audio Fast Track PRO the right gear for this? I'm trying to not spend too much money, but I also want reliable gear with the needed capability. 

2. Will this setup provide cue/monitor capability?

3. Can I simplify this setup at all? It seems redundant that I'm not using the crossfader on the Akai APC40.... that is, I will have 2 crossfaders in my setup, but only use my mixer's crossfader. 




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    Good evening, I was htinking in buying the same card M-Audio FastTrack Pro but I found that the behringer xenyx 1204 is also an audio interfase which has more functions and besides costs almost the same as the maudio. My Question is, does the behringer 1204 have the same properties and does it offer the same benefits that the maudio offer?

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    1. The fast track pro has 4 unbalanced outputs (or two stereo outputs) so you wil be able to use it for this plan.

    2. Yes, it will provide two channels of audio so you can cue and mix.

    3. You have a choice for how you go about this and it will depend on your preferences. The way you descibe will work fine, much the same as connecting two CDJs or turntables.

    The other way is to not use the crossfader on your mixer and use the cross fader in Ableton. You will still need to connect to the mixer, so you will still have two crossfaders in your setup.

    If you have an nice mixer, I would go with your way of working this.

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