DJing with APC40 - What do I need?


   I am fairly new to DJing. I am a producer first, but recently decided I need to find a way to perform my stuff live. I am on a low budget so I cannot buy a bunch of "toys" as I call them (mpd32, monome, etc.)
Just this past week I downloaded the free version of DJ Template. It is a template for the APC40 that a friend of mine referred me too. 

Pretty much - what do I need to DJ with the APC40 properly, and adequately for a live performance. 


I just dont want to put in tons of hours learning on the wrong stuff.


DJ template -


Thanks :-)







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    First you need to realize that there is no right or wrong here. When it comes to music and performing its really (most?) important that you find your way to do things. Not to simply follow the way everyone says you should follow because; what's the fun in that?  For both yourself and your audience.

    You can go a lot of ways from here, and obviously this is also heavily based on opinion (keep this well in mind!).

    A DJ template is one way to start, though I have to wonder why the default settings wouldn't be able to cope?  After all; every setting you don't like can easily be MIDI-mapped to something else. For example; I sometimes tap a tempo but I never use the nudge keys. So on my set these toggle "Back to arrangement view" and the "Follow" mode.

    It would help to know what specific things you feel are missing...

    Which brings me to my personal favourite: Max for Live ("M4L").

    If you want to be able and do completely radical things with Live, things which simply aren't possible with the default program, then M4L is definitely something you should consider.. See:

    ...for an overview of devices which you can pick up for free, right now. From drum machines, to glitch to other effects...

    For more information on M4L also see their product page:


    Hope this gives you some ideas. But once again: there is no right or wrong here. Do what you think is the best way to setup your performance. Then you can also easily explain what you think is missing out.

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    Check out ill.Gates new APC40 Performance Template and his videos:

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