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I have made a edit of a track in Ableton, the original recording was on a vinyl (bad start i know). In Ableton and Audacity (for when I convert it to MP3) it is peaking just below the clipping point but when I load the track into Traktor it only has minimal volume, meaning I cant view the lay out of the track.

Doing a bit of reading on various forums this could be down to Mastering, though from what i have read this only improves perceived volume, not actual volume.



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    First of all: recording from vinyl is not a bad start at all. In fact, it is a lot more 'alive' than most other mediums.
    But you will have to record it with good equipment to get best results.

    About the 'loudness' of the track: this has to do with a lot of things.
    In your case, you already recorded a mastered track (from vinyl) and did an edit of that. If the edit is truly an edit, so without any added extreme fx or extra layers, this would mean that the finished result already has a mastered quality.

    In that case there could be a loss of volume from a couple of things:
    Also note that vinyl recordings are usually a lot less 'hot' than digital tracks, when it comes to' loudness'.

    What you can try to get it a bit louder:
    -use subtle compression to pump it up a bit.
    -make sure track volume is set correctly in Live.
    -try using a 'normalize' function on the finished audio.

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