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Apologies if this is very basic, I'm just getting into Live - is there a way I can display a scene vertically? I've bounced a song into stems and are using those stems as clips...ideally I would load all the clips into one channel and then be able to play each clip at the same time (which doesn't appear to be possible)...I saw the four tet video explaining his live set up and he describes having each song in one channel? So thought it may be possible!


this is the link re: four tet - https://www.ableton.com/en/blog/four-tet-explains-his-live-setup/



Thank you!


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    Maybe you could use groups? Because you can only play one clip at a time in one channel.

    But loading all song parts in separate channels and then grouping them basically means that you still have one (group) channel per track. 

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    yeah this could work, thanks!

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