Disk Overload while MIDI routing

Hi there,


I was wondering if anyone else experiences similiar problems...

If I try to route a midi track 1 with MIDI To -lets say- the GrandPiano Pack on track 2 THIS is happening.

If I choose Track-IN and put the Monitor on Track2 to IN everything´s peachy.

If I choose something else - lets say - GrandPaino Solo (Program) I will get a disk overload.

I can add serveral more midi tracks and routing to Tack2 with the same effect. Track IN great, MIDI routing bad


And now for the BIG IF....

If I choose to put the Instrument Pack on each and every single Track, I don´t get any overload. Up to 8 different instruments on different tracks...so I don´t think it has something to do with my hardware, ´cause I am running on i7, 16GB RAM, windows 7, M-Audio firewire Interface.


Any Idea would be appreciated,



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soundtextures 3 years ago | 0 comments

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