Disassociate Session and Arrangement

I had made an instrument and midi clip in session view. Later I copied it onto arrangement view. In arrangement view, I added some effects, automated envelopes, and the like. I probably copied it several times in arrangement view and had all sorts of different automation going on.

Now I want to go back to the brainstorming phase and play other instruments along with it. My problem is the clip in session view no longer sounds like the original. It seems to pick random settings of effects that were automated in arrangement view.

If I go and fiddle with it in session view, of course my fiddling gets lost when clicking "back to arrangement" for other instruments to go back to how they were.

How do I "disconnect" the clip in session view from what is in arrangement view, such that it's settings after fiddling with it in session view are the "base settings" where it sits after clicking the "back to arrangement" button? Does that require an entirely new clip?

I am really new at Abelton.






Fleshbits 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • cutwithflourish
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    You could try copying the clip and devices to a new track where they're no longer affected by the arrangement automation. 

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  • DemonWithAHalo
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    Something you probably don't want to hear, but I meant it as an option, finish all of your fiddling and find out what you want first before you commit it to the arrangement view. Less switching means less mess.

    5 years ago | 0 comments
  • Funk N. Furter
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