disappears sound when using BCR2000 Control V1.2 script for max for live

Hello. I have a problem with BCR2000 Control V1.2 script. All was good 3-4 months, but now sound stated disappears when i using this script (20-30sec all good, but after all sound disappears on 2-3 sec and play again and dissapperars again and so the circle.  With other plugins and devices all good. Nothing can help me (i reinstall ableton, max for live and script). This script no effect on sound, its only for normal mapping knobs and buttons. When i create new emty project and put only this script and 1 sample - same here. This is very bad and all my setup stated to be sludge. Thans for help. I dont want move on other programs, but have to do this, if i cant solve this problem.


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    Hi there, 

    This sounds more like some MIDI Sync settings might be faulty, please send a status report ( help -> get support in Live ) to our support staff, so they can have a look at it: 


    Best regards, 



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