Disabling RMS metering in 9.5

I find the new meters laggy and wish to remove this bloat layer. I already did this with the candy coloring thing in the Options Look Feel tab but see nothing for this. Is there a line I can add to the Live preferences file ?


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  • Laury Chanty
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    Did you found any solution ?

    I don't like the fact that RMX hide the peak meter.

    Feature request : put the peak meter in front of the dmx meter.

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  • DJSpizzo
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    RMS metering is a feature awaited for a while in Live, so i think you'll probably have to deal with it from now, furthermore IMHO, your Computer is laggy not the meter, maybe upgrade it.

    Feature request : Adding contextual menu when right-clic on meter to choose between different metering point (K-12, K-24, etc...)

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  • SpecialGuest
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    @DJSPizzo, a bloat layer is when software gains imposed features that detract from the elegance and flow. These sorts of things should not be imposed but rather made as options. My computer is not slow it is new and a workstation and how could you have an opinion to form at all not knowing my specs ? Root Mean Square metering inherently is laggy, it averages the values over time. That's what it is. My ears can gauge general loudness, I like peak meters to show instantaneous values to know where the transients are hitting. The RMS position obfuscates this. It is foregrounded and a brighter color.

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