Disable sustain pedal for a Live Device?

Is there a way to disable the sustain pedal for specific Live Devices? 

I am splitting my keyboard so the lower half plays bass and the upper half plays piano.  I would like to use the sustain pedal exclusively for the piano sounds in the upper half -

Is it possible to filter out the sustain messages for the device playing bass while keeping them for the device playing piano?

Preferably, I would like to do this strictly in Live without using third-party software solutions.


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  • Amitsegall
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    although i still look for other solutions - by building a simple m4l patch that tells midi CC n.64 (hold pedal) whenever it gets 1 to change back to 0 you'll be able to selectively "mute" the sustain of an instrument easily. did that and it's working great with the bass/piano split and all the rest.

    as I've said I'm still looking for a solution not involving m4l or mapping the midi pedal which i find not the best solution. 
    if someone want's the patch for m4l let me know.

    6 years ago | 2 comments
  • [mlp] Ableton staff
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    As [nme] commented above, it depends on how you are splitting your keyboard.

    If you have two live devices, one for your piano notes and the other for your bass notes, then you could re-map the sustain pedal to a control on the bass instrument that won't affect its sound.

    The downside of this approach is that you will have to manually re-map sustain to your piano and any other devices that would have sustain function built-in. How to do this varies on which device is used to play your piano sound. For example, if you are using Sampler, then you could map 'Foot Ctrl' in the 'MIDI' tab to 'Time (M)', and then experiment with the mapping amount and the amplitude envelope release time to get the right amount of sustain. If you're using Analog (say for electronic piano sounds) you could use a similar approach except you'd map the sustain pedal to the release time of the amplitude envelope and set the appropriate minimum and maximum values in the MIDI mapper.

    7 years ago | 0 comments

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