Digi 001 Rack Compatible with Ableton 9 on OS 10.7 Lion?

Hello, I need a new multitrack recording interface for use with my Ableton live and I have the opportunity to buy a Digidesign 001 rack. I have seen people discussing using a Digi 001 rack with older versions of ableton on a PowerPC But I want to know what is the chance this unit will work for me, using a Quad Core Intel Mac Pro using OS 10.7 lion? I installed this driver:


Though I don't have the digidesign hardware the driver seems to have installed successfully. Digidesign doesn't seem to officially support this configuration but I wonder if it would still likely work. Also, would I need to run Pro-Tools at the same time to use it or could I possibly record direct into Ableton?

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professorkmusic 4 years ago | 0 comments

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